Sports in Lawrence, KS

Lawrence Sports Corporation

Lawrence Sports Corporation

More than 100 years ago, Dr. James Naismith brought basketball to the University of Kansas and Lawrence. Throughout this century, Lawrence has experienced athletic excellence at all levels and in all arenas including a storied college basketball tradition that includes four national championships and numerous All-Americans.

Conveniently located between Topeka and Kansas City along I-70, Lawrence is a quick 45-minute trip to and from Kansas City International Airport. Lawrence is also known for its cultural ambiance, upscale and lively downtown district, museums and nightlife.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Lawrence Sports Corporation is to market and promote Lawrence as the preferred destination for athletic events that benefit the community both economically and socially. The LSC supports these events with assistance in the areas of funding, management, marketing and organization to help make them as successful as possible.

Loan Program (PDF 107K)

Executive Director

Bob Sanner is Executive Director for the Lawrence Sports Corporation.

Board of Directors

Jana Dawson
janad [at] cornerbanks [dot] com
Reed Dillon
reeddillon [at] yahoo [dot] com
Milan Donley
mdonley [at] ku [dot] edu
Stephen Horton
shorton [at] hulsinghotels [dot] com
David Johanning
david [at] thesandbar [dot] com
Bernie Kish
bkish [at] ku [dot] edu
Adam Mills 
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Ryan Robinson
ryan [at] gosilverback [dot] com
Steve Schwada
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